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Pregnancy Services

Pregnancy Testing/Ultrasound Scanning

“Am I pregnant?” This is often the first question a woman needs answered when she comes to us. At The Well, women receive on-site pregnancy testing administered by medical professionals. Ultrasound scanning is also available to help answer the question of viability – Is the pregnancy in the uterus? Is there cardiac activity? What is the gestational age?  Trained client advocates are available to answer all questions.

Options Counseling

“What now?” This is often the second question a woman needs answered. We are here to help her find the truth and answer any questions she may have as she explores her options, while equipping her with information on fetal development and available resources.

Bright Courses Mentoring Program

“But I’m not ready to be a mom” or “I cannot afford another baby.” These are often concerns a woman faces while exploring her options. The Bright Courses program offers parenting education on how to have a healthy pregnancy, what to expect in labor & delivery, how to take care of a newborn and general parenting skills. Incentives are created to help each parent earn points, which can be spent in our clothing room to obtain items such as diapers, formula, clothing, baby supplies and baby equipment. Relationships are built with our mentors and women find hope in the midst of their circumstances.

Adoption Support

Information on adoption is available for women as they explore their options. The Well is a safe place for a woman to ask questions and consider the possibility of adoption. If adoption is the choice that's best for you, we will help you get the physical and emotional care you need before and after the birth of your baby through our partnership with adoption agencies. This may include assistance with living and pregnancy expenses, referrals for services, counseling, or education.

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